Monday, June 05, 2006

Lazy? Me?

I'm officially a bad blogger. It's been very hard keeping up with it. My humans are either around or they've turned the computer off! So I'm finally figuring those things out.

What's happened that you need to know about? I got to see Meat the other day! That was really exciting! We played and played and played. And I still wanted to keep playing but he had to leave. Something about flying to California. I didn't know he could fly. He's never shown me. Of course, my humans haven't shown me either and they talk about flying. I've even heard them talk about taking me flying. So we'll see what all that's about one day, I guess.

I am finally allowed to get close to the littlest human! He's really a lot of fun. But watch out for those hands! He's got a grip. He really likes me. He laughs at me and giggles. I love that! I really like to get my nose up to his nose and give him a little kiss. And his feet smell funny too! They smell different from the human feet. We played in my tunnel. Well, he played in it and I watched at one of the openings. His dark haired human sat with him at one opening and my human sat at the other end. She wouldn't let me go inside the tunnel but held me and let me watch the littlest human play.

I play bacci! It's really a lot of fun. I'm not sure what the rules are. The humans throw the balls and I chase them and move them around. Sometimes my human gets really excited and he call me a good girl and other times he tells me I moved the wrong ball. I always get lots of laughs and attention when I play with them. The humans don't let me try to catch the balls though. I have to wait until they throw the ball and it's landed before I can get it.

I see all of my humans on a pretty regular basis. I haven't seen the little human (not the littlest human) in a long time. She always gives me toys and walks me around. She's lots of fun.

I'm trying to make friends with a cat! He lives at my friends' house. We are still trying to figure each other out. I really want to play with him and I think maybe he wants to play too, but he just plays funny. I try all kinds of things. I lay down and be really quiet, but then I just can't take it anymore so I stand up and bark at him. I have my tail wagging and I'll even bow to him so he knows I want to play. He doesn't seem to react to that so well. and he really doesn't like me drinking from his water bowl. If just realized that his water is so much better than the water they put in my bowl, he wouldn't get so upset. Hmmm. Maybe it's special water and I'm not suppose to drink it because it's something special because he's a cat. Well, it's better than what they put in my bowl. That's all I got to say.

Well, it's time for my mid-late morning nap.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

So much to talk about...

Okay, I know there was a lot to talk about, but I can't remember everything. I have had a lot of fun lately though. My owners have started jogging and I get to go on a jog with one of them. It's pretty fun, but I want to go fast and she does not. My humans had a Christmas party and it was really unfair because they got to eat goose and turkey and I LOVE goose and turkey. I got to meet the little baby. He's cute, but he doesn't eat the goose and turkey so I didn't pay much attention to him. I did smell him. He smells different from the big humans. And can he make a noise! All the humans were taking turns holding him and rocking him and carrying him around. But he still made this noise. He was unhappy and I think the humans didn't know how to make him happy again. There is a possum living in our backyard. Every night I go outside and watch for him to come out and play. The game is that he comes out and I bark and jump at him and see if I can get him. He is always just out of reach. I'm sure I've forgotten to tell you all kinds of stuff, like how I'm learning to play with cats and how fun Thanksgiving was - especially the turkey part. I get to go visit my cousins (? not sure what they are) and we will play and play and play and play and play and rest and play and play and play and play and eat and play and play and play and play and WALK! and...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Do Dogs Think?

One of my favorite people sent this to my human. She liked it so much she sent this to the author:
Dear Mr. Katz,
I couldn't agree more with your article. While I think that dogs do go through an "adolescence", I don't think it's like human adolescence. Rather it's a stage in a dog's life where they are no longer puppy and not a "senior" but very active and learning boundaries. I have a rescue dog. I have been doing a lot of reading by Trish King and Patricia McConnell and find most of what they have to say very helpful. Since my husband and I have started using low-key commands that reinforce our leadership status, she has responded quite well. We also try to follow the simple rule that our trainer told us, set your dog up for success. (This was, by the way, a PetsMart trainer.) While I would like my dog not to get into the trash, a piece of chocolate cake was in there and my dog found it and proceeded to eat it, even after we walked through the door. Now the garbage lives in the garage. Setting your dog up for success is far easier than trying to catch them in the act and much funner than having to induce vomitting. One of the first things the PetsMart trainer told us was that dogs don't understand guilt. They understand that a person is angry and try to act in a submissive manner so that the anger isn't redirected to them. I'm really surprised that your friend's vet and trainer actually thought the dog was trying to get revenge for being left alone. It's really too bad, but I'm glad her dog did not end up with the same fate as the other dog mentioned in your article.
Great article!

So I'm sure you're asking why is he one of my favorite people? Because he is so nice to me and feeds me stuff like cheetos and cauliflower!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Saturday is game day! Sunday is game day!

Yes! Saturday AND Sunday are game day!
I got to run around and play and try to knock over the humans before they threw their frisbees. I kept having to stay and sit and I think they don't understand the game. I sit and watch very attentively and right before one of the humans throws his frisbee, I launch at him! The idea is they are still suppose to throw the frisbee to the goal. It's more interactive that way. I got to play in the creek. My human was a bit upset because I wasn't listening. I got tired pretty quick and gave up my rebellious antics. I did get to run around a lot. That is always fun! Ru-unning!
I played hide and seek with my humans. It was tons of fun! They would hide and I would stay in one spot and then they call for me to come and I'd come running and find them. It was easy because they yelled and so I knew pretty much where they were. The fun part was that once I found one human the other human would start yelling for me to come. I got lots of praises and lots of running! It was so much fun.
I got to go to the big hardware store. I love that place! There are always new people to smell and there's this old lady that always says hi to me and pets me. She's really nice. Sometimes I jump on people that are not paying attention to me when they pass. This time was really funny. My human was waiting for me to sit before opening the door to let me out and this guy asked if she was going to open the windows for me. What for, I don't know. My human doesn't let me jump out the windows. We bought stuff and then we went to the car and my human made a phone call and we went back in for more stuff! It was even more fun because this time I rode on a cart! It was fun.
And then at night I got to play this game where I chased my human for a treat! Such a fun idea! Chasing - I love! Treats - I love! I had to chase her around these poles. I'm not really sure about that, but whatever. I got me treats!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Swimming is Fun?

I got to go to St. Edwards Park over the weekend and I jumped into the creek! Now it was a little deeper than I thought it would be and was a little startled. Luckily, I was out with humans and the tall guy that lives with my humans fished me out. It was really hot outside so it was a nice refreshment. So nice, in fact, that I tried to jump in on the way back! But they sensed my attempt and kept me out of the water. I guess they didn't want the car to get wet. It was lots of fun. I am getting braver about the water and when I went to Walnut Creek with my humans I did a lot more jumping around in the water. I got to meet lots of people and dogs this weekend. I really like. There was a new dog a couple of blocks down that was always outside when I came by. He is not from Austin and we had ourselves a little fling. My humans wouldn't let us be alone though and so we just sniffed each other and jumped around. He was really cute and maybe he'll visit again soon. This morning, he was gone. I was a little sad, but I'll be even happier next time I see Buford. I got to eat this new yummy treat! It's got fish and sweet potatoes in it! YUMMMY!!!! My humans put it on my food to spice it up and they also freeze it in my Kong!! I love my kong!! I find it in my crate, wrapped up in my blanket and then I pull it out and I get to lick it and lick it and taste all the yummies in it and I chew it and it is so good!! I just heard a squirrel or maybe it was the cat that goes under our deck. I need to check it out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Long Walk.

So Saturday I got to go on a long walk with lots of other people by the Capitol. It was really awesome. I even broke a law. I played in the fountain in the lawn of the Capitol. There were lots of people and lots of dogs. I played a little but kept mostly walking. It was a long walk but they had water along the way and I got treats. I was a really good girl. well, mostly except for when I was biting my leash and wanting to play with my humans. I was bored. We were just sitting around before we started walking. Why couldn't we just walk from the beginning? We had to stand in line before we could even start walking. Humans are weird. They played this song before we started walking and I got to show off my Ninja Kick that I've been secretly working on. As soon as the music started and they were singing about Kung Fu fighting, I jumped up and did my kick whirling around in a circle. My man human was always asking me to do the Ninja Kick before the walk. I think he saw me practicing one day. I barked at some doggies and they barked at me and we wanted to play but our humans wouldn't let us. I got to sniff lots of butts, dog AND human. It was really fun. I wasn't nearly as tired at the end of this walk as I was the walk we went on in May. It was lots of fun. I love going on walks!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Partying a little hard

Yesterday I guess I partied a little too hard. While my humans were out, I got into the trash. And what a yummy time that was! I ate cheese - the rind and all. I ate some other unidentified objects. And I ate chocolate cake!!! It was so good. So good in fact, that when my humans came home, I couldn't resist it and kept licking it. Of course, I got in trouble for the trash. But then, my humans took me outside and with a turkey baster, made me drink three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide! (Thanks Emergency Hospital.) And I ate grass like a mad cow. Trying to get as much in as possible. Next thing I knew, I'm puking my guts out like I drank all night long! I was pretty pissed. After I puked out what felt like my whole stomach, I drank a little water, and rested in the grass. We went back inside and I took a nap. I wasn't very pleased with my humans and gave them the cold shoulder for a while but then it was okay and I played and played and played and played.